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Zing – Firetek Bow

Let’s keep our kids active and outside this Summer with products from Zing! The Zing Firetek Bow will keep kids entertained day and night, with its LED light up power arrows. What kid wouldn’t love an archery toy that can send the arrows through the air up to 145 feet! Kids can get their target practice with a twist!

About Zing Brands

Zing Brand Toys are innovative, high-­‐performance products that get kids off the couch and away from digital distractions, creating their own active fun – indoors and outside! Whether kids are blasting targets or shooting for the sky, Zing has a full line of activity, action and archery toys for those seeking high energy and high performance play.

Firetek Bow is the latest addition to the line of “parent-approved” launchers in the ultimate foam bow and arrow archery toy – now with blazing LED light-up power for an illuminating effect for any type of target practice. Just hook the Zonic Blaze whistle-screaming arrow into the fast-load loops, a safe and secure pulley system that can only sling the soft-foam arrows, then pull back and it’s “Read, Aim, Fire!”. Watch as the Firetek Bow lights up the sky and sends arrows screaming through the air up to 145 feet – a thrill factor for kids ages 8-and-up and parents alike. Comes with three Zonic Blaze glowing, whistle-screaming arrows.

My son had a blast shooting targets with his archery bow. It was easy for him to pull back the Zonic Blaze whistle-screaming arrows. He loved trying to see how far he could get the arrows. He kept pulling it back farther and farther. We loved seeing the arrows move through the night. It looked so cool. I like that the arrows are foam tipped which makes me feel better knowing he won’t hurt someone. Oh yeah, and I love that he won’t lose his arrows at night. There are so many possibilities with the Firetek Bow – competitive games at night, shooting targets in the dark, and so much more!

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