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Zike Z100 – Summer Fun!

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zike1A bike, a scooter? The Zike Z100 is both! Riding bikes is a popular activity during Summer with all the little neighborhood kids. Bicycles are great – exercise and they learning balance. A scooter requires a little bit more work but equally fun for kids. They get a workout with both activities but when you combine the two, it is the ultimate in fun and exercise.

About Zike

Zike LLC is a revolutionary company with a passion for creating the next generation of revolutionary new human powered products. Zike’s new freestyle hybrid scooters are an innovative combination of both a scooter and a bicycle – unlike any other on the planet. Zike is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing well built, quality products. We hope to make a positive difference in people’s lives by combining fun and fitness with our environmentally friendly transportation.

zike2The recommended age for the Zike Z100 is 5-8 years old. My son is five years old (will be 6 end of July) and he had some difficulty pressing the pedals down. The Zike works by pressing down on the pedals – up and down, up and down. The motion propels the Zike forward so you do need some “weight” to push down on it. My son is on the smaller side so he needed help. I know in a few months he’ll be able to master the motion without help from me. The recommended weight is “up to 150” so I was able to take a spin on it and let me just say I am a huge fan! It is an amazing exercise product. You will feel the burn on every part of your leg – calves, hamstrings, and thighs. Great exercise as you are working your body to maneuver the Zike.

Benefits of riding a Zike:

  • Improved Posture: We teach our kids to observe good posture so that they may avoid back problems as adults. So why do we put them on bikes in a “hunched over” position? Ziking naturally encourages improved posture.
  • Joint Impact: Easier on bones and joints than running.
  • Improves Balance and coordination: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Ziking engages constant coordination of the whole body, while major muscle groups work together to maintain balance.
  • Cardio & Pulmonary: Breathe deep and enjoy the wind in your face! Ziking delivers superior aerobic and cardiovascular fitness freedom!
  • Burn More Calories: Why be stuck in the gym watching the clock? Ziking offers a superior calorie burn while both time and scenery quickly fly by. Burn up the calories, burn up the road!
  • Unparalleled Riding Performance: Einstein taught us that matter and energy are interchangeable. Using a powerful patented leverage principal, Zike utilizes both the rider’s energy and weight to catapult beyond yesterday’s ride.


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