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How To Train Your Dragon 2 – New Toys from Spin Master!

Disclosure: I received the items below to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.
httyd2 How To Train Your Dragon 2 was released in theaters this summer and my son has been obsessed with Hiccup and Toothless. Spin Master has released products that coincide with the movies release. My son was so excited to start playing with them. He loves anything to do with building and role playing, typical boy! We received a variety of products to review so if you have a little How To Train Your Dragon fan you’ll want to read about the latest toys below!
httyd23 Spin Master has some amazing products but they have a revolutionary Ionix shapeshifting bricks. Two of the products we received had Ionix bricks. We received Toothless Night Fury and Deadly Nadder Dragon, which are both inspired by the new movie! My son needed assistance for some of the building parts. It gave us some mom-son bonding time which I appreciate as we’re always running around. The ionix bricks are so cool! A rectangular brick set can transform into something totally different, twist and turning it gives a new look. I think they are definitely on to something here. You avoid all these little tiny pieces being everywhere. Everything is packed in and all you have to do is move a piece here and move a piece there to turn it into a dragon! Toothless Night Fury Ionix was a breeze to build with moveable parts. His wings moved and tail really giving it an 3D effect.
httyd26 Building Deadly Nadder Dragon was a little more challenging since it was a bigger piece but the ionix bricks really made it simple to follow the instructions. You start with the one ionix block and build on to it. Everything is easily connected and moveable. If you make an error it is quick to go back and fix it. The kit also came with two figures that changed from a rectangular brick piece to form men! My son and I thought that was pretty cool! I like that it is interactive in the sense that he can shoot the arrow from the barrow and move the figures arms around, the dragon’s body also moves.
httyd22 The Toothless Mini Dragon was so adorable to role play with. My son loved pretending he was flying it around and kept talking as if he was Hiccup. There are other mini Dragons in the collection so be sure to see them all!
httyd25 How To Train Your Dragon 2 also hase cute little squirt toys that are perfect for summer. Kids can use them outside to squirt their friends or even use them inside while taking a bath. We took them to the pool when we went and had so much fun squirting each other back and forth. They float so no worries about them sinking to the bottom of the pool.

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