Time for Kids and Sports Illustrated Kids – Time for Reading (Part 2)!

Disclosure: I received the items below to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.
The Time for Kids books have been my “go to” books for questions my son may have about anything whether it is animals or people. They answers are written in a way that kids can understand them. When you have a curious little guy like my son, having book like Time for Kids is essential! They are easy enough for him to understand and as a mom I know the explanations are age appropriate.

time3 There are four books in the Time for Kids Book of Why series: Stellar Space, Amazing Sports and Science, Awesome Animal Kingdom, and Really Cool People & Places. Each book includes 250 facts kids want to know.

Stellar Space

Have a little one curious about Space and the Solar System? Stellar Space has questions and facts about all things space. Does you kid ever ask you why we don’t fall off the planet? The book answers this question and more in a way kids can understand. It also offers facts through out the book.

Amazing Sports and Science

If you have a little sports and science fanatic, Amazing Sports and Science is the perfect book for your curious little guy or gal. When my son was younger and would watch sports he would ask why some players have black lines under their eyes, if your child has asked that before – the Amazing Sports and Science has an easy answer for them.


Awesome Animal Kingdom

My son is most curious about animals. He loves reading and learning new things about all animas. Awesome Animal Kingdom was the first book we read through. “Why do camels have humps?” All of these questions are answered in the book. The book also touches on humans. Like why do we cough or why do humans have fingerprints. The book has facts on every page.

Really Cool People & Places

It was nice to read about other places around the world. There are places my son has seen on television and ask where is that or what is that?  My husband and I are both originally from New York City and we mentioned “the Big Apple” well my son of course asked why we called it that. One of the questions in the book has the answer to that!

Sports Illustrated Kids: Big Book of Who – All-Stars
If your child likes reading about sports players the Sports Illystarted Kids Big Book of Who would provide so much information about all sports. The book has 101 athletes every fan needs to know. There are chapters for each sports – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Racing, Soccer, Tennis, Xtreme, and Olympics. From questions like, “who is the only player to appear in both a World Series and a Super Bowl?” or “Who is the only Rookie to win an NVA Finals MVP award?” the book answers those questions and more about the world’s greatest athletes, both past and present.

My son enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the players as well. He loves baseball so he loved reading about the New York Yankees on one of the questions. The book is a great reference for him. We tell him all the time if he keeps practicing and playing hard he could one day be part of a book like this!


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  1. angela higdon
    October 23, 2014 / 9:41 pm

    These are great. My son is just beginning to read chapter books, but he is picking everything up so well he needs something a little past the first grade level. These would be a great Christmas present!

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