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Time for Kids – Time for Reading (Part 1)!

Disclosure: I received the below items to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate links.

My son has always been curious. Asking tons a questions from the moment he could talk. Why, Who, Where, When were constantly being asked. At almost 6 years old he has more complex questions. Time for Kids offer parents books to help answer all our kids questions in a way they can understand. Even know when he asks a question we go to our Time books to see if the answer is there. I like that that we can just flip through a book for quick reference.

TIME For Kids X-WHY-Z Animals

Have kids interested in animals? Time for Kids X Why Z Animals answers the questions your children may have. The book is broken up into eight chapters: Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Arachnids, Sea Animals, Birds, and Dinosaurs. The questions are answered in a simple way for kids to understand. My son is a big animal fan especially insects. You’ll find him looking around our yard for some insect and now he has a book to come to if he has a question. The book has bright clear pictures on every page which I think is important for kids to see and be able to identify the animal or insect.

TIME For Kids Big Book of When

“When Is a Day Complete on Other Planets?” If your child asks you that question would you know the answer? When my son asked I had no idea. I had to look it up. The Big Book of When answered that question and more. Giving my son visuals of each of the planets plus more information that he might want to know like the length of a year. I have to admit there where many questions in the book that I wanted to know the answer to. For examples, when the first e-mail was sent. The book is broken up into 11 chapters: Time, Animals, Communications, Flight, Energy The Solar System, The Digital Age, Food, Transportation, Civilization, and Sports.

TIME For Kids Explorers: Robots

Time for Kids Explorers: Robots was fascinating to read. My son and I knew very minimal about Robots. We’ve see Wall-E but it is as close to robots as we got. We knew of toy robots that have been designed and they look pretty cool but we didn’t know their history. Robots is broken down by: Robots that Work, Robots that Protect, Robots that Explore, Robot that Fly, Robots that Help, Robots that Play, Robots that Kids Make, and even Robots of the Future. My son didn’t realize that robots don’t have to be the typical robots we see in movies. They could be little machines that help doctors or the police force. He learned a lot about robots and technology, he was pretty amazed at the different Robots there are in the world.

Which book would your child be most interested in reading?



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