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Things I ♥ at H&M (for my baby girl)

I have to say one of the saddest things about living in South Florida has got to be H&M. We have to drive all the way to West Palm Beach to visit the store (close to 50 miles). Why we haven’t gotten a H&M in Miami (at least) is beyond me. Anyway, I sometimes look through the website and drool. Today is that day. Having a little girl is the best thing EVER but my pocketbook is hurting.

Things I ♥

Source: H&M

Starting with the top row and working my way left to right.

Denim jean dress – $19.95
I’m a sucker for matching headbands/bows. I love denim jean dresses! How cute is the little bow on the bunny? 🙂

Cable-knit sweater dress – $17.95
Eee!! I love this dress (it also comes in beige). I actually bought one similar to this in Carter’s. I can just imagine this with some cute booties or some tights and flats. I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler to put this on her.

Knit Cardigan – $14.95
The sweater looks like an adult would wear it. I love it. I seriously would drive the 50 miles to get this stylish sweater for my baby girl.

Minnie Mouse 2-piece outfit – $14.95
Umm.. how doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? I love the purple polka dot leggings! It looks so comfy too. Just to be around the mall or walking around the neighborhood on a nice cool day. Love it!

Suede boots – $9.95
They look very similar to Uggs! They come in pink, brown, and silver. They look so comfy. I don’t think I would buy them for Ciara because I live in South Florida but I couldn’t resist their cuteness!

Ballet Flats (Grayish/brownish and purple) – $9.95
I think this may be my favorite item on this list. I love flats so seeing teeny tony baby flats melts my heart. I would drive the 50 miles to get this because they are so deliciously cute! You can’t see the texture too well but its a sweater material.

Purple Cardigan – $7.95
I must be on a cardigan kick. First and foremost, I love the price. It comes in 3 colors – purple, light pink, and natural white. Perfect for those cool mornings and night in South Florida. Adding this to the shopping list!

2-Pack Scarf – $5.95
How brilliant are these scarves? They look like bibs, right? H&M is ingenious to make snap scarves for babies! They need to protect their necks too! I love it.

I want everything in that store. Everything. I need to do a board for the adult stuff. They have some cute, inexpensive stuff for us. I’m going up to Orlando this weekend and guess what? There is an H&M not too far from where I’ll be staying. My little pumpkin is going to get some stylish stuff for the 3-days of winter we get down here. 🙂

I love having a girl!

What’s your favorite item from the list?

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