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Sunscreen Bands – Protect Your Kids from the Sun!

sunscreenbands1Summer is a fun time for kids and families but we also have to worry about the suns harmful rays. The excitement and activities happening through out the day can make us forget to apply sunscreen after a few hours. Sunscreen Bands has made it easier for parents to remember to apply sunscreen and to take cover when the sun is at its highest.

About Sunscreen Bands


UV Sunscreen Bands are all about Being Smarter In The Sun!!!! Knowing that your Sunscreen Bands are working for you, you can enjoy your time outdoors. Our wristbands are designed for children and adults to use for all outdoor activities, wet or day. Kids love wearing them and parents feel secure knowing that they can now monitor their families UVA & UVB exposure when using sunscreen.

Product Key Features:


  • Sunscreen is applied directly on the band and the skin.
  • Safe and non-Toxic.
  • Works with all sunscreens SPF 15 or higher.
  • Color change reminds users to reapply sunscreen & when user has had too much sun exposure for the day.
  • Monitors daily dose of UVA & UVB (Broad Spectrum)
  • Works wet or dry (can be used in both pool or ocean water)
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect for all outdoor activities such as: swimming, gardening, sports, picnics, camping, walking, etc.
  • 10 disposable bands included in each pack

sunscreenbandsThe product is so easy to use. My family headed to the beach with some friends last weekend so I took the opportunity to test it. I applied kids sunscreen to my son and daughter before being exposed to the sun and also applied it to the sunscreen band. The band was a dark violet color. After some time in the sun the band started gradually turning to a lighter purple. I reapplied sunscreen at that time. When it is time to get out of the sun or just cover up the band will turn light yellow/cream color. I really liked that I have a physical reminder to remind me about protecting my children and myself.

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