Summer Fun Pretend Play Toys for Girls

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Our Generation Ice Cream Truck

Growing up in New York City my Summers consisted of playing outside with my cousins in the fire hydrant. My uncles would open up the fire hydrant (or “pump” as we called it) and all the kids from the neighborhood would get wet. It was so much fun! Now kids have so many fun things to play with that we didn’t have! Hours and hours of indoor and outdoor play where they can pretend to be anyone they want. These are the perfect summer fun pretend play toys for girls.

We now live in Florida, where it is hot 360 days out of the year, and having a pool is common. Riding bicycles, playing basketball right in your driveway, or running around at the park are activities done daily around here. I let my kids play outside as much as possible – outside play is important. Seeing my kids play hide n’ seek, tag, or cops n’ robbers makes me happy. I did the same thing when I was a kid.

Our Generation Ice cream Truck

My little 5-year-old loves pretending to be a doctor, cook, blogger (ha ha!), and even am ice cream maker. The girl loves ice cream! I tell her she can be anything she wants to be. Dream it, believe it.

Summer Fun Pretend Play Toys

Our Generation® Regular Doll – Clementine™

Our Generation sweet shop ice cream truck

Summer is not complete without ice cream! The Our Generation Sweet Stop Ice Cream Truck is every little girl’s dream! It seriously has everything they need to run their own little Ice Cream truck business. They did not leave out any details, from popsicles to floats and everything in between. 127 pieces to be exact! The ice cream truck is definitely a favorite for my daughter. She can play with it for hours. There is just so much to do! The wheels, lights, brakes, wipers, music, signal lights, and even the glove compartment!

Our Generation dolls Clementine

The serving window opens and closes! There is plenty of little storage areas for all the cold treats and other sweets. They didn’t forget anything – bowls, spoons, and even ice cubes are available! The side has a real working chalkboard where kids can write or draw.

Our Generation® Regular Doll – Clementine™

Our Generation RV

Summertime means road trips! School is out so why not?! We like to go camping a few times a year – this year we’re hitting up some of the Florida Springs. We hope to one day travel in an RV but until then my princess can pretend her little heart out with Our Generation RV Seeing You Camper. The RV comes with everything your child needs to hit the road – a fridge, kitchen cabinets, table, sofa bed, blanket, dishes, cutlery, a trailer hitch & more!

Our Generation® Regular Doll – Clementine™

Our Generation Row boat

Summer is not complete without some water activity. My daughter loves kayaking with daddy but we love to go boating. We usually go when we go camping but now she can pretend to row her own boat with Our Generation Rowboat Accessory set. They can pretend to go fishing with the included fishing rod. Practice safety with the life vest! The paddles are also included. My daughter loves anything with water so I am hoping to pick this up for her in Target stores.

Our Generation® Regular Doll – Clementine™

Our Generation doll and ice cream truck

The fun is not complete without Our Generation 18″ doll. Clementine comes ready to enjoy Summer festivities with her adorable hat! Our Generation offers numerous accessory sets to compliment any adventure.

Summer will be filled with some much fun for your little princess. What I love about Our Generation activity sets is that they can be used inside and outside. My daughter rides the ice cream truck everywhere – all over the house and driveway. Always asking if I would like a banana split or ice cream cone. She may end up as an entrepreneur!

What are some activities your kids do during the Summer?

Summer fun pretend play toys for girls


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