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Random Happenings at Casa Moncada – TGIF!

One. My son finally lost his first tooth.
10526715_10100711114582734_3793234874483595208_o I really was starting to get worried. I know, I know you shouldn’t compare your kid to others but everyone’s kid was losing their teeth and my son had yet to get a wiggly teeth. After months of it being wiggly it finally fell! The “tooth fair” got him some Pokemon cards and $5. He was more excited about the Pokemon cards, go figure.

Two. Orphan Black
AA_ob_wallpaper_1280x1024 I just finished watching Orphan Black and I am having withdrawals. I miss Casima, Sarah, and Felix. All the characters are amazing! Must watch show! It airs on BBC but I’m sure is available On Demand.

Three. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
I watched this last night at the theaters (double date with my neighbor) and I loved it. Fell in love with Cesar and all the little apes. But you know I love monkey so yeah, I’m a little bias.

Four. My new Nikon D3300 DSLR camera
photo 1 I have my own DSLT camera now! I was always using Roy’s and was terrified of breaking it. He has the professional grade on that is over $1k. I wanted my own camera that I can take everywhere I go. I have a lot to learn but am definitely up for the challenge!

Five. Random selfies with my two year old
photophoto 2 My daughter has changed so much in the last few month. She was terrible at taking pics would never smile. I have proof! Lately she has been awesome at taking pics. Posing and smiling on demand. Makes me smile from ear to ear. I want her to have confidence and just be happy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Enjoy time with family and friends those moments are truly priceless!

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