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Pool Essentials – Swimways and AquaEars

Disclosure: I received the below items to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own.
swimways1Teaching our kids how to swim should be a priority this Summer. My son has been taking swim classes since he was young and his school also does one week of Swim safety. He can’t swim like a professional swimmer but he can swim to the edge which is important to me. SwimWays has always been a brand I rely on to help my kids build confidence in the water.

About SwimWays

At SwimWays we provide your water family with water toys, pool floats, pool games, swim training gear, pool decorations and more, turning an ordinary day into a water-full day. Products you may already be aware of include our Spring Float® line, Toypedo®, Sea Squirts™, and Rainbow Reef®. Our exclusive partnership with Disney® and Marvel® brings you pool toys and floats featuring classic characters such as Disney Princess, Minnie, and kid-favorites like Iron Man and Monsters Inc.

swimways2SwimWays Sea Squirts Swim Assist vest made swimming so fun for my five year old. He LOVED pretending to be a little shark. The vest has a zipper in the front for a snug fit. The vest comes with 3 removable flotation pads for adjustable buoyancy, as he gets comfortable I can remove the pads to build up his confidence and skills. The vest is made of neoprene material which is flexible and comfortable. My son loved it and did not take it off the whole time we were in the pool. The vest really gave him a booster of confidence to get better as swimming.

swimways3My little two year old princess loves the water and she is also daring which worries mommy! I want to give her the freedom to explore but also want her to be protected when she is in the water. SwimWays has a Swim Sweater which is perfect for little toddlers like my daughter. It gives her the confidence to float around the water (with adult supervision) alone but still protects her. She kept saying, “Me big girl”. My daughter didn’t complain about the Swim Sweater at all and didn’t ask to take it off once. I’ve noticed her balance in the water have improved and she is starting toe paddle with her little legs. Swim Sweaters is a great beginner item for like pre-swimmers.

aquaears1If you want to protect your children’s ears from water, loud noises, or bathing – Aqua Ears. Aqua Ears is a soft silicone ear plug. No water gets in and protects their ears from anything getting in. If your child is prone to ear infections, this may be a good solution. The Aqua Ears are squishy so they can be molded to fit into the ear properly.

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