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Nutrisystem – Weightloss Journey

10636205_10154756087155504_4579328334159594952_nIt was a great week for me. Why? I finally made it to 10 total pounds lost! Woo hoo! Thank you Nutrisystem! I know, I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but its been a real struggle for me. Even though the the food is provided I am still having a hard time with the Power fuels and eating more veggies. Oh yeah, and drinking the recommended water amounts. And exercising. I have a good reason, really! I’m selling my current home and buying another one at the same time! I close on both houses this Friday. THIS Friday. It has me going crazy. You really don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move. I’ve been so overwhelmed!

I think I’ve tasted everything from Nutrisystem but I am really disliking the omelets. I cannot eat them. They have ham and cheese in them but it still doesn’t make a difference. I’ve been substituting Egg Beaters when I want my egg fix. I can tolerate those better. I found Sara Lee makes breads that are only 45 calories so I do an open faced sandwich with the Egg Beaters that are only 60 calories! Sometimes I’ll throw in some kale or spinach to my scrambled eggs for some extra protein.

My favorite breakfast item this week has been the waffles. I love them! I feel like I’m not in a “diet” when I eat them. They taste normal with the light 100% maple syrup. I top it with fruits for an extra treat. Its been a very fulfilling breakfast. The French Toast has been ok too but the waffles are my favorite.

I’m hoping once I am moved and settled I can start going to the gym which is very close to me. I’ll also be closer to my mom and aunt so I can have someone to go with. I’m excited for that as I do want to get that flat tummy! Untitled Yup, that was me at my skinnest! I was in my early 20’s here! My husband and I had just started dating. My goal is to get close to that! I know my body isn’t the same after 2 kids (both ended up C-section) but I’m hoping with hard work I can get somewhat close. You guys believe in me right?

  • Total lost this week: 1
  • Cumulative lost: -10
  • Ending weight: 155


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