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NEW Lola’s World App

LOLA'S WORLD1 There is a new app in town called, Lola’s World available for iOS(coming to Android soon!). The app is different than others in that it is subscription based. Lola’s World is an extensive application that improves school readiness, targeted at children ages 3-5. Parents are able to easily monitor their child’s improvement with a progress tracker.

About Lola’s World

Lola’s World provides hundreds of hours of educational and entertaining content designed by top educators in the US and Europe. The application has been designed so that it develops with your child – there is no need to choose areas or decide what level to play. The application adjusts automatically and rotates tasks in a child-friendly and logical way.


You can download the app and start playing for free with limited content for 3-year-olds and basic access to the progress tracker. Whenever you want upgrade to the full version, you can order a 1-month ($1.99 per month) or 3-month subscription ($3.99 for 3 months). The subscription opens all VIP features, such as: more personalization with toys, clothes, food and all avatars. The subscription also gives access to the full range of tasks, including 4- and 5-year-old packages and also opens a parental section with a full progress tracker. You will also receive latest features by monthly updates.

The Lola’s World application focuses on the first stages of math by teaching a child:

  • Measurement: Size, amounts and number comparisons
  • Patterns & Sorting: Match groups and amounts or comparing objects
  • Counting & Numbers: Number recognition and counting objects and numbers
  • Basic Operations: Addition with numbers and objects or number sequencing
  • Geometry & Colors: Recognize shapes and colors or build puzzles

lolasworld I downloaded the app for my daughter who is 2.5 years old. I setup her profile by entering her name and age. We sat down together to go through the app’s activities. My daughter loved customizing the animals and kept saying, “panda”. We dressed our panda up and started the adventure. The graphics and colors are fantastic for little ones as it catches their attention. The activities are easy to follow and the directions are clear for younger kids. I thought the math activities were very age appropriate. My daughter knows her number and she was able to follow along with the characters.

Kids move from island to island to finish challenges and activity. Kids collect coins from the treasure chest to unlock/buy different things in the shop. Kids can decorate their ship by buying a new toy from the shop or finding fancy clothes from the wardrobe.

The app will be providing updates and adding mini-games, islands for adventure, or new fancy clothes and more toys to decorate your air ship. They also will have seasonal updates and fun features for your child. The app has so much to offer kids and is very entertaining for them. Best of all they are learning while having fun. Win-win!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.

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