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Happy's Christmas Gift

Oh no! Happy is in trouble again! Having gone out to post his Christmas letter to Santa, he suddenly finds himself on an unexpected journey. Although Happy is cold and scared at first, his adventure takes a turn and delivers him to magical lands where he discovers that dreams really can come true. Can Happy save the day? And more importantly, will he get home in time for Christmas? An adorable character and wonderful, traditional Christmas story brought to life by beautiful illustrations. A treasure of a book that will stand the test of time and will surely be a favourite read for all generations. Available in English and Spanish!

Happy as a Fox

Happy and Nana travel to the merry British countryside to visit relatives, when Happy falls into trouble yet again! Can Happy escape? Will he make it home before Nana finds out he's gone? An adorable character and wonderful, traditional story brought to life by beautiful illustrations. A treasure that will stand the test of time and will surely be a favourite for all generations. Available in English and Spanish!

Who's Next Door?

Chicken is thrilled when he finds out someone new has moved in next door. His quiet house deep in the woods can be lonely sometimes, and it would be so much fun to have a friend! But Chicken never catches so much as a glimpse of his neighbor, despite many days spent waiting, pacing, and knocking on his door. As it turns out, his neighbor, Owl, has been doing the same thing, yearning to meet Chicken – only he's been doing it at night. It's not until after the two exchange notes and mix up plans for a visit, each using his own definition of "tomorrow," that they meet fortuitously and find a creative way to enjoy each other's friendship despite their different schedules.

Hatch, Little Egg

The little bird is hatching! Everyone is rushing to see the main event. This is not to be missed – everyone's buzzing about it! With cameras in tow, various animals hop into cars, motorcycles, wagon trailers – anything that will get them there in time to see the event unfold. This funny, surprising, and lightly satirical early picture book captures the hype of a highly anticipated event. Able to be read and enjoyed on multiple levels, Hatch, Little Egg gently mocks the join-the-hype mentality. It will be especially relatable for children expecting a younger sibling, while amusing adults with its subtle nod to celebrity culture.

Dojo Daycare

One morning, six young ninjas are dropped off at Dojo Daycare. As soon as their ninja moms and ninja dads have left: KABOOM! KAPOW! The ninja boys and girls push and pull, bust and break, and generally turn the place upside down in a full-blown ninja riot. Try as he might, the hapless master can’t control the kids, and the disaster plays out through lunchtime and storytime. No one heeds the master’s repeated mantra of honor, kindness and respect – until one little ninja steps up and rallies his ninja pals to undo all the damage that they have done, just in time for pickup.


Get kids thinking and moving with this picture book about creatures that love water as much as we do. Each spread shows an animal in a watery scene on one side and a child mimicking the animal’s activity on the other. From splashing like a dolphin to fishing like a heron, from snoozing like an alligator to hiding like a clownfish, the echoing images bring to life the real ways that animals behave—and reveal how there’s a little bit of animal in all of us.
The book closes with a “Guess What?” section that provides brief and quirky facts about the animals featured throughout. A rebus at the back encourages children to read on their own and discover other ways to get up and move, by scuttling like a crab or waddling like a penguin. With Whoosh! readers will splash through the bright, engaging illustrations into a water-filled world of play and learning.

Martin on the Moon

An active daydreamer, Martin can't help his mind from wandering on the first day of school. His teacher's waving arms remind him of the seagulls that fly along the river banks, which reminds him of a summer trip he took with his mother, which reminds him of a poem he wrote, which reminds him... When his teacher gently calls him back to Earth, Martin is embarrassed about his inattention. But when his whole class laughs along with him, Martin happily realizes that his imagination can help him make friends and have fun at school. The spirit of this whimsical story comes alive through the pairing of inquisitive and unexpected words and simple yet surreal illustrations.

The Story Starts Here!

Little Wolf has decided that today, things are going to be done differently. It will be a contrarian day. Why? Because he said so! He will stand, not sit, for dinner – and he'll start with dessert. He's going to play the piano with his toes and wear his pants on his head. And when he says "The Story Starts Here," he means it – this book starts at the back and ends at the front.
After Little Wolf's parents send him to his room to think about his backwards behavior, he decides to run away. But outside, everyone is running from a giant, shadowy monster. Readers will need to flip the book over to discover the monster's true identity – and that he's not so scary after all, just a little turned around and out-of-sorts. This fun, engaging story that pokes playfully at conventions will have readers interacting with their book in a new way and help them realize there's more than one way to see the world.

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ChickaDEE Animal Adventures

Spectacular photos and simple text give children a rich understanding of animal characteristics and behaviours. Featuring more than 150 creatures, chickaDEE Animal Adventures traverses all continents and diverse habitats. Visit frosty mountaintops, steamy deserts, lush forests and salty oceans, learning about the animals that live there.


Pink Tiara Cookies For Three by Maria Dismondy

Sami’s perfect life falls apart when the new girl moves in next door. Sami doesn’t need another friend, she has Stella. They are the perfect example of best friends. Mittens come in pairs and so do friends, according to Sami. Bullying can be very subtle, but it hurts just the same. Three can be a tricky number with friends because most of the time, someone gets left out. Follow Sami as she discovers how to keep her best friend and find room for one more in Pink Tiara Cookies for Three.


The Potato Chip Champ by Maria Dismondy

Champ and Walter Norbert Whipplemoore are about as different as two kids can be…well, except for their love of baseball and potato chips. Champ had everything, but always wanted more. Walter had very little, but was never seen without a smile on his face. In the end, it is Walter and some crunchy potato chips that teach Champ a lesson about character that can't be taught in school.


Spoonful of Sweetness: and other delicious manners

What's more fun than showing your baby how to blow kisses? Teaching them how to display respect, empathy, and other powerful traits that will support them on their journey through life. A Note to Families: Start empowering your baby to live an extraordinary life by modeling positive character traits. This book reminds us that an infant can begin exhibiting acts of kindness well before they are walking and talking.


Spaghetti in A Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

In today's society, it's important to remind children that, although we are different on the outside, we are very much alike on the inside. Unfortunately, bullying has become a major problem in the United States. It's not only painful for children, but occurring at an increasingly young age. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun empowers children to positively handle tough situations through its timeless message: have the courage to be exactly who you are, no matter what other people say. Lucy, the main character in this children's picture book, is teased for the way she looks, acts and feels. By viewing the world through Lucy's eyes, children will walk away with the coping skills to positively handle similar situations when they are away from adults. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun teaches children to respect differences while dealing with adversity and courage.


Merry Stirring Mice: Santa's Secret Team

Not many people know about the secret part of Santa's team. Find out what really goes on the night before Christmas in this delightful turnaround on the claim, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." Watch Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse show their kids, Max and Molly, how to prepare for the MAN. "Help your sister stir the candy cane mix," Mama Mouse begins. Soon come the sugarplums, the candy canes, and finally the note that says "For Santa." Add to the fun by searching for the mischievous spider capering through every illustration. Can you find his name too?


Ripley's Believe It Or Not!: Reality Shock!

Reality Shock! makes the perfect holiday or birthday gift for any kid. They’ll love pouring over the weird, bizarre and fun stories from around the world – and relish the opportunity to gross out parents and friends. Mom and dad will be happy to see their child with a book that they can’t put down, and will likely be unable to resist the urge to flip through a few pages themselves.


Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired By Anna and Elsa

Learn How To Create Beautiful Hairstyles Inspired by Disney’s Frozen Princesses, Anna and Elsa. It’s fun and easy to create your own looks, inspired by these two royal sisters. Filled with colorful photographs and step-by-step instructions, this magical book shows you how to make the braids, updos, buns, and ponytails that you admire so much. Each of the 28 hairstyles is carefully photographed, showing exactly how it looks in real life on a real girl. This enchanting guide will help you feel like a real Frozen Princess.


Disney Princess Hairstyles: 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles With Step by Step images

Do you want your hair to look like your favorite Disney princess? It’s fun and easy to do. Whether you love Cinderella’s beautiful bun, Jasmine’s ponytail, Rapunzel’s endless curls, or Pocahontas’ hidden braid, you can create the perfect hairstyle with the step-by-step instructions in this beautiful book. You’ll find twists and braids, updos and buns, waves and ponytails – each one inspired by a beloved Disney heroine. All of the 40 styles are exquisitely photographed, showing exactly how they look in real life on real children.

lost my name
Lost My Name

Lost My Name is a must-have, magical gift for children - a personalized book like no other, packed with fun stories and beautiful illustrations. But the real magic lies in the personalization. The child is given the first letter of each character’s name, finally putting together their own name. Every name creates its own unique, personalized tale featuring an incredible cast of different characters. The books: “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name,” tell the story of a child who sets off on a spectacular adventure to track down all the missing letters of their name. Kids will love to meet the glamorous Ostrich, sleep-deprived Bear, a Viking who yearns to bake and a Zebra torn between spots and stripes – and many, many more. No need to worry if your kids have unique names or if their names are spelled differently than mainstream names. Each book can include the letters you want with thousands of possibilities! Each book is printed on thick, environmentally-friendly paper and bound by hand. Suitable for children aged 2-7.

The Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids

With Magical Mermaids, we're giving girls the chance to dress up their favorite finned beauties - it's a sensational sequel for a proven winner. The Marvelous Book of Magical Mermaids comes with six glamorous paper mermaids, three elegant seahorses, and 200+ fin-tastic punch-out fashions - from gowns to crowns to jewelry to hairstyles. Gorgeous mermaid tailfins in a variety of glittery, shiny, and sparkly finishes add the final, magical touch.

Loop Loom: Make super-stretchy beaded bracelets

With all the excitement surrounding homemade rubber band bracelets, we figured it was the perfect time to introduce a next-generation version of this super-cool craft in an all-new, way-too-cool color palette. Our exclusive one-handed loom makes bracelets from a continuous piece of stretchy cord - so there's no chance of a rubber band breaking and the whole bracelet unraveling. Frustration-free results every time! Using 7 colors of cord and 7 colors of beads, kids customize 11 different styles to create bracelets that are uniquely their own.


Star Wars Rebels: Be a "trooper!"

Draw Star Wars Rebels is a complete how-to guide packed with expert tips and easy step-by-step instructions that let kids bring these exciting new Star Wars characters to life - from the irrepressible spirit of Ezra, the 14-year-old charismatic con artist who learns to fight for the greater good, to the Inquisitor, the menacing spy who tracks down Jedi survivors. Star Wars fans will get to know them from the inside out (literally) as they start with stick figures, add shapes, then insert details big and small. And there's plenty of room to draw right inside the book.


National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure

Join Barton Seaver—master chef and National Geographic Explorer—on a year-round culinary adventure as he explores what it takes to create the ultimate dish. Barton provides mouthwatering recipes, the ins and outs of healthy eating, awesome crafts and activities, and food-focused challenges, proving once and for all that cooking can be a blast. Follow along as he teaches you to plant a kitchen garden, host a dinner party for your friends, and pack the perfect school lunch. Other highlights include ways to play with your food, festive holiday meals, snow day snacks, and family cooking competitions. With fascinating sidebars, profiles on real people, and cool facts, the National Geographic Kids Cookbook will have you ruling the kitchen in no time!

Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark Book

Add this Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark Book (2013) to your shark books collection and find out everything you ever wanted to know about these mysterious sea critters. This 8.5-by-10.2-inch paperback book from the Discovery Channel Store is a perfect reference guide to keep on hand during Shark Week, since it contains more than 400 photos on 192 pages and lists all known shark species—all 498 of them.

Dinopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Dinosaur

Get ready to become a dinosaur expert! Dinopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Dinosaur is the ultimate visual guide to the incredible Age of Dinosaurs, a period of time millions of years ago when these amazing creatures lived on Earth. Packed with over 400 photographs and fascinating facts, Dinopedia features more than 750 known types of dinosaurs—from fierce meat eaters such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor to the gentle plant-eating giants including Supersaurus and Brachiosaurus. Learn everything there is to know about dinosaur habitats, why they became extinct, recent fossil discoveries and more from Discovery™, the leading brand in nature programming.

Penny Scalan Penny Scallan Design

Our backpack is perfect for littlies. It fits all the essentials for kindergarten, day care or just a day out with the family! The backpack has two front pockets, a small zippered pocket on the side and a drink bottle holder. It also has a matching bag tag with an area to write your childs name on the back. Made from 100% cotton canvas with a water repellent coating and polyester lined. Easy to wipe clean.

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