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FREE Summer Camps At Your Local Microsoft Retail Stores

summercamps2014_en-us Summer camp has always been something my son looks forward to every year. Spending time with his school friends, swimming, and so many other summer activities keep him busy and active. We decided to put him in a Science and Technology camp that our city was having. They would get hands on interaction with science and technology. Every week is a different theme. He has made his own goop, touched a snake (eek!), and learned about the weather. He has come home every day talking about the new activities he’s done. They also get computer time, where he learns about how different programs work.

My son has been around technology since he was very young. He started preschool at 1 years old. We also had him play simple kid-friendly games on the computer, laptop, or tablet. He is pretty savvy for a 5 year old. We would love to continue the path of him learning about technology as it is going to be a fundamental part of his life. Let’s face – technology is getting more advanced every day. I was so happy to learn that Microsoft Stores have summer camps available for kids age 8 and up. They have Jr. Designers for kids age 8-10 years old and Designers for 11-13 year olds and 13+. Though my son is not old enough to participate yet – I am so happy to see Microsoft offering these programs to our youth.

They offer 6 different programs:
• Smart Game Coding
• Smart Game Designing
• Smart Movie Making
• Smart Phone Taking
• Youth Spark CodeIt!
• DigiGirlz Smart Game Designing

Don’t these programs sound awesome? Is it just me but can I attend these classes? Would love to learn some coding (secret nerd here!).

The camps are two hours a day and run Monday-Thursday. Check your nearest Microsoft Store for more details! Do you have kids attending the Microsoft camps? How do you like them?

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