Family Caregiving Made Easier Thanks to Sam’s Club

Family Caregiving made easier thanks to Sam's club
Taking care of our loved ones can be both rewarding and difficult but there are ways to make it easier for our selves. The Caregiver program at Sam’s Club offers support for caregivers providing products that are essential for providing the care our loved ones need. Products from Kimberly-Clark and Abbott Nutrition, like Poise, Ensure and Depends. Sam’s Club definitely makes caregiving much easier thanks to all their benefits.

Poise products Sam's Club

My great grandmother has reached the age where she can’t do a lot of things herself. She relies on family to help her with buying groceries and toiletries. Going to the grocery store is no longer an option so I tend to do the shopping for her. I like to buy the essentials in bulk which is where Sam’s Club Caregiver program comes in. Sam’s Club Caregiver program helps us save time and money so we’re able to get the things that she may need at a price that is affordable. I love that I don’t have to wander the aisle if I don’t want to. I can place my order online and pick up at the kiosk area. Family caregiving made a little easier thanks to Sam’s Club.

Sam's Club caregiver program

My grandmother was always there for me and my sister growing up. She shared her recipes and her love unconditionally. Always sharing her wisdom, knowledge, and life lessons. Helping her with her everyday tasks is the least I can do. She is an amazing person and a great grandmother to my kids.

Family Caregiving Made Easier Thanks to Sam’s Club

Sam's Club in-store pickup

Benefits of the Sam’s Club Caregiver Program:

  • Club pick-up

    • Shop online at and add products that have club pick-up option. You can also use the “Easy Reorder” option and select from a list of your past in-club and online purchases.
    • Bypass the register and check in on the app, at the kiosk inside or pull up in our Drive Thru area (available in select clubs).
  • Scan and Go

    • Download the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app to gain access to great deals, pay quicker, and beat the checkout lines!
    • Here’s how it works: Barcode scan: Scan each item’s barcode in the store with the item scanner.
    • Payment: Pay fast for wholesale items directly in the app. It’s a time saver.
    • Wholesale savings: Pay fast by showing your digital payment receipt to the exit greeter.
  • Discreet Shipping 

    • Maintain a sense of peace when ordering sensitive items knowing that once it is delivered, you and only you will know what’s inside
    • Free Shipping on select items from select locations

The program has so many benefits for caregivers. I am always picking up Poise and Ensure products for my grandma because we use them often. I like to keep some in my car, purse, and in my emergency bag in my trunk. You know never when an emergency will hit! My grandfather uses Depends when he is out and about so I like to stock up on those for him too. Sam’s Club carries all of that and more! Family Caregiving made easier thanks to Sam’s Club!

Sam's Club caregiver program

Caregiving is a family effort. We all pitch in and help each other. My kids see everything that we do to help grandma and they like being part of it. I like to involve the kids when I can by having them read stories, coloring pictures, or singing and dancing to grandma’s favorite songs. There will be a time where we won’t all be together and I cherish the time we have together with her.

Sam’s Club Caregiver Program is helping us save time because let’s face it – we much rather spend time with our loved ones.

Have you used Sam’s Club Caregiver Program?

family caregiving made easier


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    What a convenience that is! I have heard a lot of people recommend Sam’s Club, but I never really got the chance to try it–YET. With the number of people giving positive reviews about Sam’s, maybe I should give it a try ASAP!

    January 8, 2018 at 1:39 am
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