Divergent by Veronica Roth

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OMG! Where have I been? Seriously! I usually am “in the know” when it comes to good books – not just 50 Shades of Gray kind of books but all genres. If it is good – I probably read it. I do adore my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight ♥♥♥

I finished reading Divergent yesterday and WOW I just could not put it down. It usually takes me some time to finish a novel because well I work full time, I have two small children that require my attention all.the.time, and I have these household duties I need to do (always seem to get in the way). Anyway, so I usually can only read during my lunch break or at night when the kids are in bed. I’m usually torn between watching the TV episodes I missed (because of the reasons stated above) or reading a book. If it is a captivating novel (like Divergent) I choose reading. I finished Divergent in record time and just could not put it down. Anyway, enough about my busy life and lack of time to read – you guys want me to get to the juicy stuff. Ok, here goes…

Divergent by Veronica Roth was published in 2011, part of a trilogy which includes Insurgent (Divergent, Book 2) and the final book Allegiant (Divergent, book 3) which will be released in October! How I missed this amazing booking is beyond me but anyway, it takes place in this dystopian world that is divided by five factions: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. Each of these factions represents a “virtue” (sort of) that led to corruption of “our” ancient world.

The people of Candor represent honesty. The people of Abnegation represent the selfless. The people of Dauntless represent bravery. The people of Amity represent the peaceful. The Erudite represent the brave. Each of these factions live in their own separate area and have a certain function in society. Every individual in these factions must make a decision when they turn sixteen years old. They have to decide if they will stay with their families or choose another faction but they will never see their families again. All of the sixteen year olds must got through a simulation test that determines what faction best fits them. During initiation each individual must determine the faction they will spend the rest of their lives in. Each of the initiates go through a series of physical and mental tests to determine if they can handle the life they are to become a part of.

The protagonist of the novel is Beatrice (aka “Tris”). I actually really like her character – strong, smart, curious, and just an overall great character. Not the whiny type of characters from other books. I really feel I can relate to her. Tris discovers a secret about herself that she must keep to herself. She faces challenges, doubts her decisions like any normal teenage, and discovers things about herself that she normally would not have known if she didn’t choose the life she did.

The book has some romance, suspense, and so much drama. The book does such a great job at creating this dystopian world. I feel like I am right there with Tris seeing everything that she is going through. Even though the book takes place in this dystopian world many of the things that Tris goes through can be related to our present lives. Having difficulties trusting people, questioning if your friends are really your friends, questioning whether we made the right decisions in regards to things that will effect the rest of our lives, and just the fear of being close to someone that may or may not hurt you. It really is a thriller!

I was happy to learn that they are making Divergent into a movie and will be released March 2014!! Eeee!! Shailene Woodley plays Tris and Theo James plays Four in the movie.

Shai-Woodley Shailene Woodley – Beatrice “Tris”

 2a9ffc0a-102c-3b10-bbbd-9bff38c80195 Theo James – Four/Tobias

I watched some behind the scenes and some trailer info and I can’t wait until the movie comes out. It is going to be fantastic!

I’m currently reading Insurgent and will post a review once I’m done. I am reading every chance I get!

For more info on Divergent related stuff check out – I am Divergent

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