Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go Sets

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Crayola color wonder on-the-go kits

My daughter has become quite the little artist – she loves painting. She paints and colors The problem is that sometimes the paint, marker, crayon, (insert whatever ink filled product) ends up on a wall, sofa cushion, my favorite decorative pillow, etc. I am sure I am not alone. It tends to end up everywhere but the paper! I found the perfect solution – Color Wonder products! They are magic. They have saved me so many frustrating days!

There are a lot of Color Wonder products out in the market right now but my favorite has been the “On-the-Go” sets. They come packaged in a case with 3 markers and magic color wonder paper. The markers only work on Color Wonder paper. No worries about ink marks getting on your upholstered seats or on your child’s clothing. The kids will be amazed at how it works on only certain paper. My daughter is always amazed when she colors on it.

Crayola color wonder on-the-go kits

Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go Kits

Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go titles draw inspiration from popular franchises and characters including Disney Princess, Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. The on-the-go sets include 15-mini page coloring pages and 3 markers.

My daughter has been taking the kits everywhere she goes. I love that it keeps her entertained while we’re in the car. The coloring pages feature characters she loves! She loves sharing her finished coloring page with friends and family. These are the perfect little kits for long road trips or airplane rides – they are small and compact! They also close tightly so no worries about losing markers and coloring sheets.

Crayola Color Wonder on the go kits

color wonder on the go kits

Easter is right around the corner and these would make the perfect Easter basket gift! They work for boys and girls since there are so many different character options. Did I mention that they are only $4.99? Perfect Easter gift without breaking the bank! The On-the-Go kits are compatible with other color wonder products like stamps and paints.

Has your child used Crayola Color Wonder products?

Crayola Color Wonder on-the-go kits feature favorite characters

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