Boys Back to School Style!

My son is starting Kindergarten this year. KINDERGARTEN! Ahh, I can’t believe he is growing so fast! I’m happy and sad at the same time. I remember like it was yesterday holding him for the first time. Now, he is a bright rambunctious little boy. Full of energy, curious, loving, and the best big brother a mother can ask for. He starts school in a little over a month and I’ve already started seeing cute back to school gear.


1. Old Navy – Boys Uniform Hooded Windbreakers – $18.35
I don’t buy big heavy jackets because, well, I live in Florida. We probably get a few days of cold weather then it is back to being warm. I love this lightweight hooded windbreaker! It is perfect for those slightly chilly mornings and even the unpredictable rain.

2. Old Navy – Spiderman Boxer briefs – $14.94
Christian has been asking for boxers everytime he gets dressed. I bought him a pack of new underwear a few weeks ago and he got made that I didn’t get him boxers “like daddy”. Oops. He’ll LOVE these Spiderman boxer briefs from Old Navy.

3. Old Navy – Poplin Cargo Shorts – $22.94
Kids always need at least one pair of khaki cargo shorts! They go with everything! I love that it comes with the belt. Christian has a little waist so we love anything that has an adjustable waist and/or belt.

4. Crazy8 – Only the Best Logo baseball hat – $5.59 (on sale!)
Love this cute baseball hat! Perfect for sunny afternoons.

5. Crazy8 – Monster Truck Tee – $4.79 (on sale!)
Christian loves Monster Trucks so this t-shirt is perfect for him.

6. Crazy8 – Team Captain Double Sleeve Polo shirt – $3.99 (on sale!)
You can’t beat the price at $3.99! Perfect for those chilly mornings in South Florida.

7. Crazy8 – Button Pocket plaid Shirt – $4.79 (on sale!)
I love the colors and I like that it could be used as a dress up shirt or every day shirt.

8. Children’s Place – Jean Carpenter shorts – $11.99
Jean shorts are essential in my house. If it was up to Christian he would wear shorts all year around. I also love that they have the inner adjustable waist!

9. PS by Aeropostale – Dark Wash Bootcut Jeans – $18.00
I searched through a few different websites to find nice jeans but I really loved the dark wash from PS by Aeropostale. I’ve gotten Christian a few tees from PS and I really liked how soft the cotton was. I know the jeans would be just as good quality as the t-shirts.

10. PS by Aeropostale – Kids Surf Cologne – $16.50
He is starting big boy school so he needs to smell good! He is always asking to put cologne like daddy so this is a nice ligth scent to make him feel like a big boy!

11. PS by Aeropostale – MLB New York Yankees tee – $10
We’re from NY so I had to put this on my list! Even though Christian was born in Florida – he is a big Yankees fan! He has been playing baseball since three years old and if you ask him what team he wants to play for when he gets bigger – he’ll say the Yankees! (That’s my boy!).

12. PS by Aeropostale – Kids’ Marvel trio knit shorts – $10
Spiderman, Captain America, and The Hulk? ’nuff said. He’ll love it.

13. PS by Aeropostale – Kids Marvel Heroes zip front hoodie – $18.00
All his favorite super heroes on one hoodie? Sold. He has two hoodies from Ps by Aeropostale and they are excellent quality. They are very nice and warm.

14. Kohl’s – Boys “Batter Up” Tee – $4.80
Christian loves baseball so this is the perfect shirt for him. We also tend to buy black sneakers and for some reason I always have difficulty finding black t-shirts for him. Does anyone else notice that?

15. Kohl’s – The Avenger layer Tee – $6.00
I know, I know another super heroes shirt. I love it though! The tee also comes with a little toy.

16. Kohl’s – Jumping Bean “Snap” Tee – $6.99
I thought this shirt was so cute!

17. H&M – Gangnam Style Tee – $12.95
I love, love this shirt! My son was big on that song when it first came out. So cute!

18. H&M – Basketball Shoes (Chuck Taylor look-a-like) – $9.95
The sneakers look adorable! The price is right too! I can’t comment on the quality for the price but I am a HUGE H&M fan and haven’t had any issues with the clothing.

19. H&M – Button down shirt with applique – $12.95
I fell in love with this shirt. I love that it looks so preppy!

20. H&M – Navy blue drawstring shorts – $9.95
I really like the the way these shorts look. Comfy cotton with the drawstring to tighten if they fit a little loose. They also have them in denim for the same price!

What are some of your favorite items?

By the way, Tax Free week in Florida is scheduled for August 2-4th! It applies to clothing, shoes/sneakers, and books $75 or under. It also applies to school supplies under $15.

I don’t leave the house without checking the different retailer’s Facebook page and/or emails/website. There is always some sort of coupon available on the Old Navy facebook page. I also receive numerous coupons from The Children’s Place every week. If you prefer to shop online always check the web for store coupons you can use. I also use Shop at Home for additional cashback (you get a percentage back based on your purchase – the percentage varies by retailer). If you sign up – you’ll get $5 and I’ll get $5! Free money!


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