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Barbie App-rific Pet Doctor

I think it is pretty amazing to see how technology has become part of everything, even toys! Children are becoming technologically savvy at an early age. My kids are no strangers to technology. We have a family iPad that they can use for educational games. My 3 year old daughter loves it and can easily get to where she needs to go. I knew she would love the Barbie App-rific Pet Doctor, it comes to life with the app. I actually was pretty impressed with the app and the dog (a Chihuahua). The dog responded really well to the commands and my daughter was loving it!


The Barbie Pet Doctor comes with many accessories: carrying bag, stethoscope, thermometer, milk bottle, syringe, bone, bandages, cloth napkin, certificate and a prescription pad. Everything a little doctor need! You will have to download the app in the app store. The app allows kids to pretend to be a doctor by checking the dogs symptoms. When the doggy is not feeling well her nose lights up red, go to the app and it’ll tell you what the doggy needs. The app also helps kids learn about taking care of their pet by bathing them, brushing their teeth, and combing their hair. Teaches kids responsibility in a fun way.


My daughter’s favorite feature was dressing up the dog with hair bows and tiaras! She loves her “princess” doggy, as she calls her. She carries the dog everywhere even plays with it without the app. She pretends to be a doctor and puts on her stethoscope or rides the dog around in a baby stroller. The dog is very cuddly! Perfect for hugs. She always makes sure that “princess” is clean and smells good.

The best part? Everything fits neatly in the carrying case. All the little doctor tools in one place. Perfect for on the go!

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