Back to School Guide 2014 Kids

Back to School Products for High School/College Students

Backtoschool_college Going to High School or College is a big transition. My son and daughter have a long way to go before High School or College but if they were starting these are some of the products I would recommend.

Synchros Reflect and Synchros E10 Headphones by JBL


If your son or daughter commutes to and from school quality headphones are essential. Listening to audiobooks or just unwinding after a long day in school require some powerful and comfortable headphones. JBL is known for producing quality products and these new headphones are just what every high school or college student needs! The additional features like the built in microphone allows them to answer incoming calls. No excuses not to answer when mom calls! Read my in-depth review here (and enter the giveaway!).

HP ENVY 5530


A good quality printer is important for school. The term papers and various printing jobs that are needed require a good printer especially if it is an all-in-one like HP ENVY 5530. You have your printer, scanner, and copier in a compact printer. HP’s Instant Ink delivery service is an added plus. Never run out of ink again with the delivery service that savings you money! No more worries about running out of ink, your child away in college is covered! Read my in-depth review here.

Novosbed’s Opus Pillow

opus-1 There is no better way to start the day than having a good nights rest. After using one of‘s Opus pillow, I felt like I had the best sleep ever. The pillow is perfect for any type of sleeper – side, stomach, back, etc. I tend to be a side sleeper and it felt so good to lay my head on the pillow. For kids in college, the pillow will give them the rest they need to take on the day! The memory foam pillow is made of the highest quality giving you neck and head support.

STM Bags


STM Bags creates modern stylish bags for your tablets, laptops, and MacBooks. They also have other accessories like cases and sleeves. The Link bag hold tablets up to 10″. The bag has tons of storage! Place to put your charging cord, wallet, USB drivers, you name it and there is room. The bag may look small but it has enough room to fit all your little gadgets. I picture this bag being used for a day at the coffee shop or bookstore. Everything is easily accessible.  The STM Link has become my new favorite bag to carry my iPad – comfortable, stylish, and plenty of space for all my needs!

Master Lock


Many products I grew up using when I was in High School/college have adapted to the growing technology around us. Master Lock has a variety of digital lock items that help protect our stuff. The Master Lock Safe Space holds all our belongings securely, no worries about someone snatching our phone or keys. It is actually quite spacious and can fit plenty of items. It is lightweight so easy to transport from place to place. The Master Lock DialSpeed lock is a digital combination lock. If your child forgets his/her code they can quickly go to the designated website (Master Lock Vault) for a backup of their code. No worries about forgetting your code! I needed one of these when I was younger! Could’ve saved me so much time and trouble.



This year students can head back to school in style by decking their locker out with the best beauty essentials. Lockers function as a between-class vanity for quick touch-ups and are a space where students can express their personal style. Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm is easy to keep on hand to maintain healthy lips and ensure that smiles stay yearbook ready. The designs good with any personality!

Reach Complete Care Toothbrush

ReachCompleteCareTripleAngle-Floss-2PK-01_470 ReachCompleteCareTripleAngle-PRO-2PK-01_470

Reach Complete Care features an industry first: patent pending triple angle technology, providing three different angles of bristle cleaning – left, straight and right. The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for superior plaque removal and an unprecedented total mouth cleaning worthy of the name “complete. Making sure our kids go to school with all the essentials they need, beginning with their teeth!

 What is your favorite item?

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