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5 Ideas on How to Make Reading Fun for Your Kid

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How to make reading more fun for your kids

Making reading fun for your kid takes some creative genius sometimes. However, because you don’t have a lot of time to quickly come up with ideas, here are just a few.

5 Ideas On How to Make Reading Fun for Your Kid

1. Read with your child.

Reading with your child allows you to develop a relationship and great memories. In a child’s younger years, it’s important to create as many good memories, and what better to do it than taking the time to read with your child.

This will also be a great habit for younger parents to want to get more involved in their child’s learning.

5 ideas to make reading more fun for kids

2. Take your child to the library.

The local library can seem like a big scary place, but within, usually most children’s section have been decorated with friendly toys, chairs, and fun looking items. This is done to ease a child into wanting to be curious about reading. The library is literally a parent’s helper into creating an environment that a child will want to pick books to read.

3. Create a reading reward system.

In your child’s early years, you’ll probably not want to do this, as you’ll most likely be reading to them. However, as your child grows and learns to read, they will eventually be reading to you.

Reward them with a small snack or dessert after they’ve read a book to you. As your child gets older, and they start to read alone, you can still have this reward system in place. You’ll probably want to taper off the rewards system when they are a teen, as they will have learned to want to eagerly read out of habit.

4. Find events in your area, or with your child’s school, that encourages reading or is related to reading.

Sometimes your area may be lucky to have an author come and do a book signing. If that author is a well-known children’s author, and your kid has already read their book, bring your child to a book signing. This will allow the child to meet the author and connect the dots on how a book was written.

Another event is encouraging your child to participate in reading programs at their school. Some schools may have a reading rewards program or advanced reading program that allows top readers to gain a prize, like pizza parties, or coupons for free items. Some reading programs even give free food.

5 ideas on making reading more fun for kids

5. Find games or applications related to the books your child reads.

Some of the more popular books may have games that are related to the book they’ve read. This gives a different, and really fun perspective for your child to absorb what they’ve read.

Your child needs all the encouragement and support they can get when it comes to reading. It’s not always fun, especially when some school assignments seem boring. Establishing early on that reading can be fun is really important, even if your child is using it for school lessons. Hopefully, with some of these tips, your kid will find reading fun.

Are you a parent? How have you made reading fun for your kid? Please feel free to share your own tips in the comments.
5 ideas on how to make reading fun for your kid

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