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Tung Brush – Original Tongue Cleaner

Disclosure: I was provided with product and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions stated here are my own.
Keeping our mouths clean takes more than just brushing and flossing. The bacteria we have in our mouth isn’t always cleaned when we use mouth wash. Brushing our tongue with a toothbrush isn’t recommended. Toothbrushes  can transfer bacteria to our tongues and toothpaste is used for polishing our teeth. Many people forget about our tongues. Many causes of bad breath is due to our tongue not being cleaned properly.


The effectiveness of mouthwashes and antibacterial agents is very limited in the fight against bad breath. They typically provide only a mask to the odor and not a real solution to the problem. Cleaning your tongue should be as automatic as brushing your teeth. The latest studies show that bacteria on the tongue can lead to gum disease and gum disease can lead to heart disease, diabetes, early births and more. TUNG Brush can help!


The TUNG Brush™, the original tongue brush, is designed to allow you to comfortably reach far back on the tongue without gagging.  I have the worse gag reflexes but I’ve been doing pretty well with the TUNG Brush. I love how my mouth feels after using TUNG Brush and Gel. Both of my kids use it and have done really well with brushing their tongue. I showed my kids this video and they loved it!

Here’s the thing, our tongues have irregular surfaces with numerous crevices where bacteria can hide. Even though our tongues look flat it really isn’t and all that gunk gets stuck in those crevices. The TUNG Brush bristles are uniquely designed to break through the film we see on our tongues and get inside those crevices, outperforming your toothbrush, whose bristles are too soft to get the job done, and tongue scrapers.

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth 2x a day
  • Floss
  • Use TUNG Brush and Gel to clean your tongue
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months
  • Visit your dentist regularly


You can use this printable to help kids learn better oral hygiene.


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