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Summer Fun with Galt

Disclosure: I received the below item to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own.
galt5Toddlers can have some fun too. There are many puzzles, board games, and coloring activities with them in mind. My two year old daughter always wants to be involved in the board games her older brother plays but she is just too young to understand the rules. Galt has age appropriate toys for my little toddler from puzzles, games, and coloring activities.

logo_galtAbout GALT:

With 175 years experience in toys and education, Galt know a thing or two about designing toys to encourage children to learn through play…and also have fun!

My First Coloring Pad by GALT
galt6My daughter has finally gotten into coloring. It might be because she does it at her pre-school. She’ll just sit down and color on her little table. The problem is that many of the coloring books I find are geared toward older kids. I love Galt Toys, My First Coloring Pad, it has simple pictures. They are easy pictures with things she knows and understands. Thick lines to help her learn to stay in the lines. I can talk to her about what is on the page and help her understand.

Four Puzzles in a Box (Farm theme)
galt11Puzzles have always been a fun activity for both of my children. The problem I’ve encountered is that it is good for one specific age range. If you get the baby puzzle it is only for a certain age then it is useless. Galt has 4 Puzzles in a Box which gives you more bang for your buck by having four different puzzles that will grow with your child. You have the 4 piece puzzle that is perfect for a beginner.Then the 6 piece puzzle, 8 piece puzzle, and the 12 piece puzzle for the advance puzzler. How perfect for us parents to have an educational product that has something that will help with our growing child.

Where’s My Mummy? By Galt
galt12My kids both love to play board games but sometimes my little two year old can’t participate because she is still too young. Galt has a board game for ages 2-5! Now my little princess doesn’t have to feel left out. Even her brother who is 5 years old enjoyed playing. “Where’s My Mummy?” The games has four board pieces for each player and different chipboard pieces of baby animals to be matched with the mommy on the game board pieces. A twist on the typical matching game. Both of my kids loved it and have played several times. The best part? My little toddler is learning her animals, sounds, and about mommy/baby relationships. A win-win in my book! (Oh yeah, and my kids are bonding instead of fighting!)

What is your favorite toy from GALT?

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