Pillsbury 47th Bake-Off Contest!

Disclosure: I was provided with the products below to facilitate my review. All opinions stated here are my own.

pillsbury1Do you enjoy baking and cooking? The 47th Pillsbury Bake-Off is happening now! Original recipes may be submitted online at www.BakeOff.com now through May 8, 2014. The Bake-Off Kitchens will evaluate all eligible entries and choose the top 100 recipes to compete at the 47th Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest Finals at the Omni Nashville Hotel on November 3, 2014. What an amazing opportunity for those that love to cook and bake! Your time to shine. I am no baker. I can make the boxed cakes but I cannot do anything from scratch! I strive to one day be able to!

My daughter’s 2nd birthday party is this weekend so I wanted to make something that would be easy for the kids to eat. I made Brownie cakepops! They are super easy to make, anyone can do it!

Here is what you need:
Box of brownie mix
Bag of candy melt/coating (I used Candiquik from Winn Dixie)
Parchment paper
Lollipop sticks
Sprinkles or other decorative elements


  1. Make the Brownie mix according to the directions.
  2. Once the brownie is done. Let it cool in a cooling rack.
  3. Crumble the brownie mix in the bowl
  4. Once the brownie is well crumbled and mashed, start forming round balls (I was able to yield about 14-15 balls from one brownie).
  5. Place them on the parchment paper as you form them.
  6. (Optional) I put them in the fridge just to firm up a little
  7. Melt your candy coating
  8. Dip one end of the stick into the melted candy melt and stick into your brownie ball (do this for all your brownie balls)
  9. Put the brownie balls back into the fridge so the candy melt can harden (about 5-10 mins)
  10. Dip each brownie pop into your candy melt/coating. Be sure to cover it entirely and shake off the excess.
  11. Add sprinkles or decorate as you wish!



Just some tips:
I do not like using Wilton’s Candy Melts it is very hard to work with even when I add shortening. It dries quickly and is just so thick. I have had wonderful success with Candiquik. They only have white chocolate and milk chocolate but you can use oil based food coloring or powder to add some color to your coating. You can also just decorate with sprinkles (like I did). I have also worked with regular cake mix (I have a cake pop maker) and it has been a great success as well. I wanted to try brownie since it is moldable.

Will you be entering the contest? I want to see what you make or what you made in the past. You can also find past recipes from the Bake Off on the Bakeoff.com website.