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    How to Build a Raised Kids Sandbox

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    raised sandbox10

    Summer will be here before we know it! What activities are you most looking forward to? My kids have been begging us to take them to the beach to play with the sand. We decided to bring the sand to them by building a raised sandbox. The project can be done in a few hours, seriously a breeze! Your kids will have hours and hours of fun.

    raised sandbox12

    Every time I see my kids playing in the sand, it reminds me of my childhood in Puerto Rico. My family would visit a few times a year and would always go to the gorgeous beaches. I have a lot of cousins who lived there so we would always build sandcastles, dig holes, or bury each other to our necks! We had not a worry in the world. When I see my kids playing with their sand boxes, it makes me appreciate how little they are now. Just like in Puerto Rico, we had a sandbox and a swing set that we used every single day. We would walk to the pueblo or grab some limbers from the bodega. Needless to say, by the time we got home we were filthy from ice cream drips and dirt. Things don’t change – now my two little munchkins spend their days playing outside with their neighbors, climbing trees, or digging for worms. When they get home, they are dirty!

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    I don’t worry about their dirt or food stains because they are kids being kids. They are learning and growing just like I did when I was a little girl playing en La Isla de Encanto. When I wash my kids clothes with the new all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ detergent – it takes me back. The fruity and floral notes of the detergent take me right back to the tropics.  You’ll feel like you’re in paradise when you smell the amazing scent! The best part? Your clothes will smell amazing plus be squeaky clean! Remember all® has the trusted stain fighting power to eliminate grass, mud, and grape juice stains. The plus? It cost 30% less than the leading brand!  Be prepared to feel like you are in the middle of a tropical paradise right in your home! It’s true. So next time you are in Family Dollar be sure to take a whiff and “smell” for yourself. Just walk straight to the detergents aisle.

    Ready to build your own raised sandbox? 

    raised sandbox2

    • Wood:
      • (1) 1x8x12
      • (3) 2x4x8
      • (1) pre-cut plywood board 2ft x 4ft
    • Screws (1″x5/8″)
    • Play Sand
    • Paint (color of choice)
    • Paint brush
    • Liquid Nails Clear seal
    • Tools:
      • Miter saw (optional)
      • Jigsaw
      • Drill (and drill bits)

    Legs = 27″ tall (x4)
    Long side board = 37.5″ long (x2)
    Short side board = 23.5″ long (x2)
    Support beams – long side= 36″ and short side= 17.5″

    1. Have all your wood pieces already cut (you can get them cut all your local Home Improvement store if you don’t have a Miter Saw and Jigsaw)
    raised sandbox

    2. Start by cutting each corner of your wood board (we used the Jigsaw for this part) to fit your sandbox legs.
    raised sandbox1

    3 . Grab the legs and the smaller side piece then screw them together. We screwed the smaller side piece to the legs making sure they align with the wood board. Repeat on the other side.
    raised sandbox4
    raised sandbox3

    4. You’re going to repeat the same process for the longer side.
    raised sandbox5
    raised sandbox7

    5. Once everything is assembled, flip the table over to add the additional support beams underneath the wood boards.
    raised sandbox6

    6. Fill in any open spaces with liquid nails clear seal. We definitely don’t want the sand coming out.

    7. Once everything is dry you can begin painting your choice of color. I went for a bright tropical green!

    raised sandbox8

    8. Once the paint is completely dry – add the sand! Be sure to have the sandbox in your desired location as it will get heavy with the sand. These are 50 lb sand bags!

    raised sandbox9

    You are all done! Not too bad, right? I know your children will have hours of fun playing with their own little sandbox. Just a little piece of the beach right in your backyard!

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