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    LEGOLAND Florida Ninjago World – Now open!

    LEGOLAND is one of my kids favorite amusement park. We got to experience the new Ninjago World before it opened to the public. The rain did not stop us from exploring the new area. We came prepared with ponchos and umbrellas. The rain eventually let out so we were able to enjoy the rest of the rides that were closed due to weather. The Ninjago ride is indoors – it wasn’t effected by the rain.

    Ninjago World

    Ninjago World

    You are greeted by big LEGO Ninjago arch when you enter. Kids will have a choice of Kai’s Spinners or Cole’s rock clmbing wall. Kai’s Spinners was so much fun for my kids. They wanted to keep spinning and spinning. I don’t know how they don’t get dizzy! Cole’s rock climbing wall is interactive with different sound effects. Right in the center of the entrance, kids can build different things with the loose LEGOs. As you continue on the path you’ll run into a “whack-a-mole” type game where kids have to hit all the lights within a certain time. I actually enjoyed playing this with the kids!

    Ninjago world

    Ninjago World

    Meeting the characters

    The kids had the opportunity to take pictures with Kai and Nya! LEGOLAND has photographers who can take a picture for you to purchase but you can also use your own camera or phone. They couldn’t believe they got to see them up close!

    Ninjago World

    The Ride

    The Ninjago ride is pretty innovative – using your own body to battle the bad guys. The 4-D interactive ride takes you on a spin through different scenes where you’ll be able to use your ninja moves to shoot out fireballs. The ride does keep score of all your hits. Surprisingly, my little 4 year old daughter got the highest score. I have no idea how but it goes to show size does not matter in this game! Anyone can be a ninja warrior! The game definitely gives your arm a workout since you are swiping your arms  back and forth to throw the fireballs.

    Ninjago World

    If you want to do some shopping, Wu’s Warehouse, has all things Ninjago!

    Overall, I think it is a wonderful addition to the LEGOLAND Florida family. Ninjago World opened today so be sure to visit. My kids have a blast every single time we go. There are less crowds and the lines are shorter than Disney. We can get through the entire park in a day. We also love, love the waterpark! It definitely is a park for the whole family. I’m looking forward to the Beach houses section to open – sounds interesting!

    I’m a season pass holder which is why I was able to go in advance. This is not sponsored.


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