ALEX Toys – Sweetheart Cafe and Tots Sticker Pictures

alex_toys1 I’m a big fan of toys that offer children more than just a thing to play with, I like when they allow children to pretend play or makes their imagination run wild. Offering kids an educational value that they can apply over and over again. ALEX TOYS and ALEX TOYS Jr. have a variety of educational fun toys for kids. Pretend play, learning, and active play are some of the benefits that ALEX TOYS offers.

About Alex Toys


Known since 1986 for quality art supplies and crafts kits for kids, ALEX® has expanded over the years to a lifestyle brand for creative fun. From infant to toddler to tween, we empower confidence and inspire kids to express their creativity by providing innovative creative toys for baby, bath time, preschoolers, pretend play, spa, fashion, jewelry and active play.

Sweetheart Cafe by ALEX TOYS

alex_toys5 The Sweetheart cafe comes with so many items for your child to role play and pretend play. I love the cute little apron and hat! Isn’t it adorable? My little princess took on the role immediately asking me if I want “burger” or “hotdog”. The kit comes with plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives, pitcher, food items, napkins, placemats, credit cards, and menus. So many items for them to pretend they are opening their own little resturant or cafe.

alex_toys4 The Sweetheart Cafe set comes in an adorable little case with a carrying handle. Your child can put all the items from their kit away in one place. Easy to carry and can be stored anywhere. My daughter is 2.5 years old and was able to carry it with no issues. When in i said it as clean up time she packed everything in her little suitcase. When it is time to play again(which she wanted to do 2 mins later) we just take everything right out.

Tots Sticker Pictures by ALEX TOYS JR.

alex_toys2 My daughter had a blast with the stickers. I don’t know what it is about stickers but kids love them! The best part? They weren’t ending up all over my walls since she had a place to put them. They are easy to peel for little hands. Kids place stickers on a variety of cute and colorful themed sticker boards. The set includes 6 themed sticker boards and over 100 stickers.
alex_toys3 My daughter would ask a lot of questions while playing with the stickers. “What’s that?” She even would say the items that she knew. The themes are kid-friendly so they will be able to identify what stickers go where. She was able to identify that the fish, sea shells, and scuba diver went in the underwater scene. I think the Sticker Pictures are a great learning tool for younger kids. A fun way for them to learn about different scenes and people or things that belong there.

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Disclosure: I received the items above to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own.